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About us
Construction Technology Training Institute, known as CTTI, was initially established as Construction Machinery Training Centre (CMTC) in 1986 by the Government of Japan through JICA. It is spread over 53.56 acres of land housing Main Building, Residential Complex and Sports grounds. In 1992, after the introduction of Diploma classes in Mechanical Technology with Specialization in Construction Machinery, CMTC was upgraded to CMTI. In August 2006 CMTI started 8 Skill Development Short Courses ranging from 3 to 6 months alongwith 3 years Diploma in Civil and Auto & Diesel Technologies. As the training mandate shifted from Construction Machinery to Construction Technology, CMTI was renamed to Construction Technology Training Institute.

This Institute is being financed and technically controlled by Ministry of Communications, Government of Pakistan whereas it is administratively controlled by Frontier Works Organization. It is a matter of pride for CTTI that, as an acknowledgement of very high standards, Government of Japan has selected this institute to organize an “International Course i.e Third Country Training Programme (TCTP)” every year. We have run fifteen such courses uptil now.
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