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Auto Diesel Lab
 Auto Diesel lab has different practical models of the engines and simulators. Students learn real life engine faults. Experts from Toyota also share real-time fault diagnosis knowledge with the students. The lab is rich in latest Auto Diesel equipment, some of them are shown below: -
Diesel Engine Cut way Model
This model shows all the parts of the diesel engine. It runs through motor and engine functions are demonstrated by moving all the parts of the engine.
Simulator PC 200-6
Students are shown fault diagnosis and their relevant parts by producing faults in Electronic and Hydraulic system of excavator.
2NZFE Engine Test Bench
Students learn how to assemble and dissemble the engine and how to rectify problems in the engine. Students also learn problems in EFI system and its assembling and dissembling.
This engine is used in practical and different parts of engine are shown to the students and students also learn how engine head is bored.
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