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Construction Material Testing Laboratory CTTI (FWO) formerly known as Geotech Lab Chaklala was established during Construction of KKH in 1972 and contributing to quality assurance since its establishment. It has the status of one of the oldest Material Testing Laboratory in Pakistan. Laboratory is equipped with old/manual Chinese version equipment used in construction of Karakoram Highway , to most modern, computerized. Digitals and state of the art Italian equipment. Laboratory is not only providing the quality Control support to FWO but its services are also being offered to other Government and Private Organizations. Moreover , Laboratory is activily playing role for the enhancement of capacity building as national cause. Practical trg to DAE (Civil) and short course (Construction Material Technician Course)are also being provided by this Laboratory. Material Testing Laboratory CTTI – FWO is functioning with professional skills, commitment, accuracy and reliability in the field of different construction materials like soil, Aggregate, Cement, Concrete, Bricks/Blocks, Bitumen etc.

Semi – Automatic Flash / Fire Point Tester
Bitumen Extractor (1500 gm Capacity)
Speedy Moisture Tester (20 gms Capacity)
Electrically Operated Liquid Limit Device
Digital Vicat Apparatus (Vicatronic)
Automatic Bitumen Penetrometer
Digital Softening Point Apparatus
Digital, Computerized CBR / Marshall Testing Machine
Bitumen Extractor (1500 gms Capacity)
Digital, Computerized Direct Shear Test Apparatus (Sheartronic)
Specific Gravity Apparatus
Digital Compressive Strength Machine
Class Room View
Class Room and Lab View
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