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DAE (Mechanical) with specialization in Construction Machinery Subjects
CodeSubjectSubject Year
 Gen-111Islamiat/Pak StudiesIst Year
 Eng-112EnglishIst Year
 Math-113Applied Mathematics-1 (A+B 75+75)Ist Year
 Phy-122Applied PhysicsIst Year
 Comp-122Computer ApplicationsIst Year
 AD-123Internal Combustion EnginesIst Year
 MT-143Basic Engineering Drawing and CAD-1Ist Year
 MT-164Workshop Practice-1Ist Year
 AD-113Automotive Electrics and ElectronicsIst Year
 OHSE-121Occupational Health, Safety and EnvironmentIst Year
 Gen-211Islamiat/Pak Studies2nd Year
 Ch-213Applied Chemistry2nd Year
 Math-212Applied Mathematics-I-II2nd Year
 Phy-212Applied Mechanics2nd Year
 AD-212Applied Thermodynamics2nd Year
 AD-234Workshop Practice-12nd Year
 AD-243Problems in IC Engines-II2nd Year
 CMT-213Fuel System2nd Year
 CMT-224Operation of Construction Machinery2nd Year
 Gen-311Islamiat/Pak Studies3rd Year
 MGM-321Business Communication3rd Year
 CMT-315Transmission of Construction Machinery3rd Year
 CMT-323Steering & Brake System of Construction Machinery3rd Year
 CMT-333Final Drive, Undercarriage and Power Line3rd Year
 CMT-343Hydraulic System of Construction Machinery3rd Year
 CMT-353Hydraulic Excavator3rd Year
 CMT-363Planning and Management of Construction Machinery3rd Year
 CMT-372Project3rd Year
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