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Mechanical Lab

CNC Machines
The outstanding functionability of this machine enhances productivity of precision parts while meeting a diversity of needs. This precision compact CNC turret lathe is the latest in our upgraded CNC series. Compact without sacrificing rigidity and precision, it is ideal for machining parts for VCRs, aerospace equipment, electronic instruments, OA equipment and automobiles. By connecting an automatic feeding device or robot, it contributes to increased automation and line production.
Air Brake System
This system is operated by air. It is used in Mercedes cars etc. It consists of Brake Paddle Brake Valve Regulator Valve Air Tank Air Pipelines Booster Wheel Drum Brake Shoes Adjuster When we press the brake paddle, air control valve assembly is being operated. In response to this, air goes to air booster and booster operates / engage the linkage and then brake shoes are operated because of linkage and brake shoes open externally and mashes with drum internally.
PT-PUMP Tester
Pressure time pump is used for phasing and calibration. It can perform 4 tests Internal Leakage of gear pump Check the idling speed Check the maximum rpm Used for check adjust of BT pump
Phasing and Calibration tester of In-Line pump
Adjust the spray angle of plunger Adjust the amount of fuel according to the manual
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