Firstly, a short course is a learning program that primarily covers the practical side of a course over a short period. Short courses give you a more hands-on technical experience.  Secondly, after successful completion of short course, the educational body (college or university) issues a certificate with affirmation that the student has successfully completed the specific course of study.  The best short courses in Pakistan are being offered by several educational institutions like CTTI . In addition, CTTI is a renowned educational institution that offers best diplomas and short courses.

Duration of short courses

In this paragraph, we will discuss about duration of short courses. Candidates can complete these short courses and diplomas in a short time period of almost in 1 to 6 months at CTTI.  As a result, after the completion of course or diploma, the institute presents certificate to the applicants in their respective fields of study. Moreover, CTTI offers the best short courses in Pakistan in the following fields:

Benefits of short courses in Pakistan

In this paragraph, we will learn about the benefits of short courses. Firstly, earning a certificate or completing short courses from CTTI will inculcate professional skills. Secondly, it will prepare candidates for the challenges to come. Therefore, it is very important to keep up with fast-paced job industry so taking skill-based short courses will spark a career drive and maximize employability.

Higher salaries and compensation

As you know, regularly taking short courses will help to acquire the key skills that could give your career a boost. In addition, best short courses in Pakistan are being offered by CTTI in construction technology.

Quick career growth

Most importantly, acquiring skills and knowledge through short courses increases your worth in an organization. Lastly, it increases your prospects of career growth in the construction industry. In other words, CTTI offers the best short courses in Pakistan. However, with specialized skills, you can easily enter the job market of Pakistan in the IT and construction industry. For instance, get advanced abilities applicable across a great many job positions by taking the best short courses in Pakistan.

Networking potential

Above all, you will get an opportunity to touch base with fellow professionals who are taking part in the same course, with different backgrounds. Also, these professional ties go a long way in your career path.

At CTTI, you can choose from a variety of best short courses in Pakistan. Similarly, whether you want to upskill or acquire a new skill, these short courses are the best choice.

Best Short Courses in ICT Department:

  • Database Development and Admin Using Oracle (3 Months)
  • CCNA (3 Months)
  • Web Development using PHP (WordPress/Joomla) (3 Months)
  • Mobile Application and Development (Android) (3 Months)
  • System Software Development (3 Months)
  • JAVA (3 Months)
  • AutoCAD 2D, 3D (3 Months)
  • E-Commerce Development (, MVC, C#) (3 Months)

Best Short Courses in Mechanical Department:

  • TURNER MACHINIST with CNC (3 Months)

Best Short Courses in Auto & Diesel Department:

  • Welding and Fabrication (6 Months)
  • Auto Electrician (6 Months)
  • Auto Mechanic (6 Months)
  • Health Safety and Environment (4 Weeks)

Best Short Courses in Civil Department:

  • Heavy Machinery Operator (6 Months)
  • Construction Material Laboratory Technician (6 Months)
  • Basic Civil Surveyor (6 Months)
  • Civil Draftsman (6 Months)
  • Building Painter (6 Months)
  • Brick Layer/Mason (6 Months)
  • Steel Fixer (6 Months)
  • Carpenter/Wood Work  (6 Months)
  • Auto-CAD (3 Months)

Best short courses in Quantity Survey Department:

  • Quantity Survey (6 Months)
  • Building Electrician (6 Months)
  • Plumber and Sanitary Installer (6 Months)
  • Cost Estimation (3 Months)
  • Business Communications (3 Months)
  • Cost Control (3 Months)
  • Supply Chain Planning and Management (3 Months)
  • Rate Analysis (2 Months)
  • Construction Scheduling and Planning (1 Month)
  • Quantity Take-off and Measurement (1 Month)
  • Risk Management (1 Month)
  • Data Analysis (1 Month)
  • Project Communication System (2 Weeks)
  • Digital Construction Diary (2 Weeks)

Best Short courses in Pakistan in Construction Technology and ICT

Lastly, Diploma and short courses are simply a great way to fill the gaps in your professional knowledge without the substantial investment required for full-time study programs at a university or higher education institution. CTTI is based in Islamabad and offers the best short courses in Pakistan. To learn more about admissions, visit or call (051) 9278103