Construction Technology Training Institution is one of its own kind training institution that offers diploma programs and short courses in the fields of engineering and technology. DAE (Diploma of Associate Engineering) at CTTI  is a 3 years study program in the following disciplines:

In this paragraph, we will discuss the study experience of DAE at CTTI. It provides an extensive technical training and education to enrolled students in the Diploma of Associate Engineering. Furthermore, students after completion of their matriculation can get admission in DAE and enter job market directly after graduating from DAE. Moreover, the classrooms and lab work provides an excellent experience to students while exposing them to industrial practices. Each student undergoes industrial training as CTTI has excellent industrial linkages. As a result, these partnerships and linkages with industrial organizations help students in gaining practical knowledge and experience of their study material.

Diploma of Associate Engineering Careers

Graduates of DAE can find jobs in various sectors in Pakistan and abroad. UAE is a potential job market for them where construction industry and civil work is ever-growing. The jobs open for them after 3 years diploma of associate engineering are:

  • Technicians
  • Draftsmen
  • Engineers
  • Supervisors
  • Civil Engineers
  • Operators
  • Electrical Engineers  and so many more.

Firstly, as civil engineers, they can learn to plan, design, and deliver construction projects. Secondly, Mechanical engineers diploma holders can gain practical experience & skills that employers seek in the industry. Lastly, getting DAE diploma in electrical engineering enables to design and create electrical and electronic systems that use electricity.


Engineering Industry for DAE

As draftsmen, supervisors, technicians, they become a part of team responsible for carrying out mega projects in electrical, hydra, construction and so many other industries. While working in such conducive environments, they also get to learn project management as they interact with experts and guide juniors.

Within Pakistan, there are numerous opportunities in public and private sectors for diploma holders to apply their knowledge and skill and contribute towards the betterment of Pakistan. These students also become eligible to apply for professional bachelor degree programs of engineering.

As concluison, Join CTTI for a world class educational experience that shapes your future and prepares you for an exciting career.