Disciplinary Instructions

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  • Be respectful to your fellows and staff/management.
  • Always use parliamentary language. Use of foul language is taken very seriously.
  • Keep your classroom and hostel room neat and tidy, as it can be inspected by the administration without any prior notice.
  • Utilize your PC for educational purpose only.
  • Smoking is not allowed in the campus premises.
  • Report sick  as and when you feel unwell.
  • Be security conscious and take care of your valuables especially Cash, Mobile Phones and Laptop etc.
  • Always clear dues well in time. Defaulters will be fined.
  • All notices/instructions issued from time to time be religiously followed.
  • Always enter your name in IN/OUT register i.e while going out coming back to college and hostel.


  • Keeping of medicines, drugs without doctor’s prescription.
  • Possession of following items is totally banned and those who checked will be expelled from the hostel and University both:-
    • Fire arms and daggers etc.
    • Alcohols, Toxic drugs and hashish /heroin etc.
    • Crackers, explosives and ammunition etc.
  • Those not keeping their rooms tidy will be fined.
  • Those found misusing college and hostel premises /facilities will be fined.
  • If found involved in criminal/police case, will be liable to be expelled from college.
  • Do not allow guests in your room / hostel.
  • Driving Motor Cycle without Crash helmet.
  • Playing loud music in your room which can disturb studies of your colleagues/side room-mates or neighbors.
  • Making noise and raising slogans.
  • Keeping electrical appliances,.
  • Fiddling with the electric sockets/plugs/appliances etc as it can be fatal/damaging.
  • Damaging any hostel property.
  • Involvement in politics ethnic sectarian and other undesirable activities. Default will be expelled from college without any advance notice.

Students Discipline and Conduct


Every Student is required to abide by all instructions issued by the college time to time regarding discipline. Some of the important aspects are as follows: –

  • Hair Cut. Students are allowed to keep hair till middle ear lobes which should be properly trimmed.
  • Smoking. Smoking is not allowed in the class room and in open area. Students can smoke inside Cafeteria or at designated areas.
  • Tea Break. Will only be consumed during prescribed timings as reflected in training programs that too in college cafeteria. Students are not allowed to move around in college with eatables etc.


  • Students will abide by all civilized norms / courtesies while dealing with all administration.
  • Violation of public morals such as the use of indecent and filthy language, undesirable remarks and gestures, disorderly behavior for example, abusing, quarreling, fighting and insolence towards others including faculty and staff.
  • Impersonation or giving false information or willful suppression of information or cheating or deceiving.
  • Vandalism, inciting violence, use of force or destruction of University / College/ Govt property.
  • Making of speeches, shouting slogans or circulations of printed or cyclostyled or photocopied material, e-mail, derogatory to Islam, Pakistan, the prestige of University / College / Army or malign the reputation of its faculty or staff.
  • Possession or sale and distribution of intoxicants on the campus directly or indirectly.
  • Indulgence in political / ethical / racial activity or use of students or such like organization for furthering the cause of a political party.
  • Use of unfair means in examinations.
  • Any violation of above or similar activities will be referred to College Discipline Committee for strict disciplinary action.

Class Discipline

Generally, the aim of discipline is to create a safe and happy learning environment in the classroom. All students should abide by following rules: –

  • All students should rise when an instructor enters the class for the first time. All students are supposed to be inside the class room five minutes before the start of a lecture.
  • No whispering or talking is allowed when the lecture is in progress.
  • No student to leave the class room without the approval of instructor.
  • If an instructor does not turn up at the time as mentioned in the training schedule, the class should remain seated and the class / course senior will report the Training Officer of concerned Department.
  • The students should not unplug any accessory if studying in labs. Students are not allowed to take any accessory out of the labs.

Sports Events

Following are some of the general points which should be kept in mind while planning /organizing the event:

  • Selection of Venue. The venue should be decided depending on the events, weather, participation and the availability of the grounds.
  • Organizing/Planning Committee.  The responsibility of conduct of most sports events lies on CTTI Training Branch who on receiving the approval by the director
  • Certificates /Prizes. The students could either be handed over cash prizes or certificates on behalf of the CTTI.
  • Emergency Medical Squad. To cater for any medical emergencies a nursing staff along with a first-aid kits should be available throughout the matches.
  • Referee. A qualified and experienced referee should be available to conduct the matches.
  • Lighting Arrangements. If the matches are to take place at night necessary lighting arrangements to be made.
  • Photographic Documentation. Each sports event should be covered by photographs which can later be used in the website and newsletters.
  • Refreshments.  End of each event is followed by light refreshments.
  • Security Arrangements. Necessary security arrangements to be made depending upon the attendance and event.