Engineering College in Islamabad

The field of engineering is very valuable for an exciting career in engineering. Engineering graduates and professionals are in high demand in the job industry as more and more engineering colleges are producing fine quality engineers. From civil engineering to mechanical engineering, students can specialize in any engineering field from any engineering college in Islamabad.

Want to change the world?  CTTI is the best possible engineering college in Islamabad to grow the skills and the approach you need to succeed professionally.

Engineering in Islamabad 

CTTI has pioneered in providing construction technology education among all engineering colleges in Islamabad – from mechanical engineering in Islamabad to civil engineering in Islamabad, CTTI enables its students to innovate and become market leaders. There are multiple departments in CTTI that offer a variety of engineering courses:

  • Mechanical Technology
  • Auto & Diesel Technology
  • Civil technology
  • Quality Survey Technology
  • ICT Department
  • Material Testing Labs


CTTI – An engineering college in Islamabad that opens doors of opportunity

At CTTI, students are connected to exceptional talent and inspirational teaching that provides technical and insightful knowledge. Along with this, students are also provided with access to state-of-the-art laboratories and other student facilities like medical centers, library and cafeterias. This engineering college in Islamabad offers the finest technical education in construction technology.

Your journey at CTTI will ensure that you’re exposed to the latest technologies in the most conducive learning environments, developing the kind of cutting-edge knowledge and communication skills that the job industry is in search of.  

What to expect at the best engineering college in Islamabad – CTTI

Our degree programs build a solid understanding of all study essentials from day one. Furthermore, the members of faculty are highly qualified and ensure that all students acquire practical experience, leadership skills and technical expertise.

 Learning outcome from the best engineering college in Islamabad

 CTTI graduates are industry-ready from the first day on the job, equipped with technical skills and experience that all engineering companies want in their employees. The curriculum at CTTI is industry-focused and ensures placement in the job industry quickly.

DAE in Islamabad

 DAE Diploma of Associate Engineering is a 3 years diploma course offered in various faculties like civil engineering, mechanical engineering, ICT, Auto & Diesel Departments.

CTTI is the best center of excellence in creating and disseminating technology knowledge to engineering students in Islamabad. It offers up to 98% job placement with access to top-notch study material, laboratories and industry exposure.