Mechanical Technology Introduction

CTTI: | | | Mechanical Technology Introduction

This department was established in 1986 and still CTTI is only Technical Training Institute in the

country offering DAE in Mechanical Technology with Specialization in Construction Machinery. Training

includes maintenance and troubleshooting of earth moving machinery like Bulldozer, Motor Grader,

Hydraulic Excavator etc. Government of Japan and JICA are helping this department by providing state of art

training aids and equipment since 1986. Japanese experts are revising the curriculum of Construction

Machinery courses and also providing new training aids of latest technology. They have trained our faculty on

latest machines both in Japan and Pakistan. Realizing the performance of our passed out students in national

and multinational organizations, more and more companies have contacted Mechanical Department for

provision of the talent. In this way rate of employment is very high with handsome salary packages.