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In todays rapidly changing environment the importance of technical education has increased manifold. Technologies are working in every sphere of development around the world. CTTI being a premier training institute in the field of technology is imparting best possible education to its students. Our students are our pride and we maintain the highest standards of training and education at CTTI. Our curriculum and courses are internationally recognized and are accredited by the best recognition authorities. We are “Constructing Pakistan” through innovation and development and welcome the talented and energetic youth to join us in our mission.


Here at CTTI, we help you acquire most demanding courses! compliant with  Fourth Industrial Revolution!


Construction Technology Training Institute aspires to establish itself as an esteemed Technical and Vocational Training Institute in dynamic equilibrium with its social and economic environment striving continuously for excellence in training, research and technological service to the nation.


Construction Technology Training Institute aims at achieving a prominent status at the national and international levels by creating a dynamic educational environment where technical and vocational trainings will be imparted to provide knowledge based technological services to satisfy needs of society and local and international industries. The institute will continuously strive to build national capacity in Technical and Vocational sector.

Aim and Objectives

  •  To provide supervisors and sub-engineers, proficient in planning and management of construction machinery / civil engineering works to various agencies for execution of projects in an efficient and economical manner.

  • To provide trained operators and skilled mechanics to construction agencies so that construction machinery is preserved.

  • To provide adequate knowledge in planning, employment and supervision of construction machinery to project managers and supervisors.

  • To contribute in socio-economic development through equipping youth of the country with technical skills in different fields.


Construction Technology Training Institute is headed by a Director. Its organization is as under:

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CTTI is Pakistan's largest and best standard Construction Technology Institute.

Construct the nation to best standards, learn the best of the best skills.
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