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General Department

This department supports all other departments. Subjects common to all other departments
like Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, English, Islamiyat, and Pakistan Studies are dealt by this

HOD Message

In this era of emerging technologies & advanced sciences, developed nations are focusing on applied research by using knowledge linkages between scientists, engineers and researchers. Science and Mathematics form the backbone for knowledge development not only for scientists but also for engineers. Our focus is to produce scientists and engineers equipped with modern tools with strong understanding towards real world and engineering problems.

Mrs. Humaira Waqar


M.A (Political Science)

General Courses

  • English

  • Applied Mathematics-I

  • Applied Mathematics-II

  • Islamic/Pakistan Studies

  • Applied Physics

  • Applied Chemistry

  • Computer Application

  • Business Communication

Faculty of General Department

Mrs. Humaira Waqar


M.A (Political Science)

Mr. Anwar Hussain


M.A (English)

Ms. Rahila Qamar


M.Phil (Maths)

Ms. Shahana Zaman Malik


M.Phil (Chemistry)

Mr. Sajid Shafique


M.Phil (Maths)

Mr. Shuja Muhammad


M.Sc (Physics)

Mr. Adnan Khaliq


M.Phil (Maths)

Mr. Farakh Latif

Jr. Instructor


Lab Facilities in General Department

Chemistry Lab

Determination of Melting Point

To determine the melting point of a substance

PH of Solution

Determination of pH of different solutions by using pH paper and digital pH meter

Filtration of Mixture

Separation of mixture by using filter paper

Salt Analysis

Identification of unknown salts by using chemical reagents

Acid Base Titration

Determination of molarity and strength of solutions

Lab Chemicals

Organic and Inorganic Chemicals

Physics Lab

Measuring Instruments

To measure different physical quantities


To measure the wavelength of light and other optical properties

Optical Bench

To measure the focal lengths of mirrors and lenses

Resonance Tube Apparatus

To study resonance of air column, velocity of sound and frequency of given tuning fork

Gravesand’s Apparatus

To verify the various laws of forces and to determine the weight of an object by using these laws

Principle of Moments

To find weight of an object by using the principle of moments

Digital Hygrometer

To measure the humidity of atmosphere