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The CTTI Alumni Office helps graduates keep in touch with each other and with CTTI. The Alumni Office is committed to giving graduates like you an opportunity to learn, share and collaborate as well as providing you with professional and social networks. As an alumnus of CTTI, you are part of a body of over 48,000 graduates who are valuable members of the CTTI community regardless of their year of graduation. As a student, you helped shape CTTI as a leading Technical College that represents excellence, vibrancy, learning and knowledge. As a graduate, you take this with you on your chosen path.
Why should I become involved with CTTI Alumni?2019-11-27T11:57:12+00:00

Not only does the Alumni offer tangible services and programs that graduates benefit from but also the chance to maintain contact with former classmates and make new contacts. Current initiatives include: Email bulletin:once a month . Contents include events and conference guide, Alumni and CTTI news, and career opportunities. It is a free service and graduates are encouraged to subscribe to the list via the graduate update form.

Lifelong Email: Graduates from 2001 onward are eligible to keep their CTTI email address. They received this address at registration and it is not revoked upon leaving CTTI. This is another great way of maintaining contact with classmates.

Events: We organize a series of events both social and educational that will increase networking levels amongst graduates. Events include breakfast briefings which keep graduates up to date with current marketplace happenings as well as class reunions.

Class Reunions: The Alumni Office can help arrange and publicize class reunions.

Further study: Stay informed about postgraduate opportunities, executive education and open evening events at CTTI.

How do I become a member of CTTI Alumni?2019-11-27T11:58:08+00:00

Upon graduation, you automatically become a member of the Alumni community. Your contact details including postal address are passed on to the Alumni Office. We hold these details on file in order to provide you programs and services, to enable us to keep in touch with you and help you keep in touch with classmates. You can opt-out of Alumni programs at any time. While there is no registration form, it helps the Alumni Office if you update your details by completing the Graduate update form.

Who do I inform if I change address or employment details?2019-11-27T11:58:35+00:00

You can either update your details online by completing the Graduate update form or contact the Alumni Office at +9251-9278103 or email

Can I avail of Careers support as a graduate?2019-11-27T11:59:13+00:00

The Careers Service works with recent alumni (up to two years after graduation) in a wide variety of ways to ensure a smooth transition from university to the world of work or further study. CTTI Careers Support cell is located in CTTI premises . To book an appointment or for further information email or telephone +9251-9278103

Exam Transcripts/Certificate2019-11-27T12:00:14+00:00

How do I obtain a replacement copy of my exam transcripts or get a certificate of attendance letter?

If you would like a copy of your transcripts or a certificate of attendance, contact the Registry at 051-9278103 or  Click here for further information.

How do I post a job or internship for BU alumni and students?2019-11-27T12:00:33+00:00

The CTTI Center for Career Development will help you find great employees for your organization and help current CTTI students or recent alums at the same time. Jobs or internships can be posted throughout the year, at any time, at no charge. To post a job or internship online, visit Career Services online and click the “For Employers” tab on the upper right corner of the web page or call 0519278103

Who can I talk to about the alumni program?2019-11-27T12:01:50+00:00

Contact us through our email inbox at and we’ll be sure to get back to you within 5 working days.

When do students generally register for classes?2019-11-27T12:02:02+00:00

Students typically register in mid-July  of each academic year. For more information see

What are the salient features of Admission System of CTTI?2019-11-27T12:03:45+00:00

Admission is made purely on merit. Marks in science subjects i.e. Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics and English in Matric are considered for preparing merit for DAE, however merit of short courses is based on total marks of Matric. If applicant possesses additional qualification of FA/FSC, 5% marks of his FA/FSC will be added in his merit. Admission against short courses where middle is prerequisite is on ‘first come first served basis’, however, preference is given to matriculate. 20 marks are awarded to applicants having valid Hafiz-e- Qur’an Certificate. Schedule of courses is advertised in leading newspapers of the country well before the commencement of courses. Applicants apply on prescribed forms (attached with the prospectus) along with attested photocopies of following documents:-

  • Academic Certificates along with Detailed Marks Sheets issued from Board / University.
  • National Identity Card / Form B.
  • Domicile Certificate.
  • Three Passport Size Photographs with blue background.
  • Sc Engineering Degree / Diploma Certificate (for Construction Machinery Planning & Employment & Supervision Course only).

Selection is done by a Board of Instructors/Officers and selected candidates are informed through telephone mentioned in the admission forms. A candidate stands finally admitted to CTTI after he has completed all formalities. Candidate can be withdrawn during the course on disciplinary grounds, immoral activities, prolonged absence, showing unsatisfactory academic performance or any other undesirable activities.

Distribution of Seats

In order to give fair representation to students from all parts of the country, distribution of seats has been notified by the board of management as under:-

Ÿ Punjab 45%
Ÿ Sindh 20%
Ÿ KPK 15%
Ÿ Balochistan 10%
Note:-  In case of non-availability of candidates from any province against its quota, the number of
Vacant seats are proportionately allocated to other provinces. | 30 |
What documents are essentially required to be submitted while applying for admission?2019-11-27T12:04:12+00:00

What documents are essentially required to be submitted while applying for admission?

While applying for admission, possession of Computerized National Identity Card (CNIC) / Form ‘B’ or NICOP is mandatory. Online registration system does not require attachment of documents / credentials. However, the same will be required for verification during selection and admission process of selected candidates.

What is the processing fee for online registration for Admission?2019-11-27T12:10:12+00:00

Fee Structure – ICT Short Courses

Ser Course Duration Admission Registration Examination / Library Tuition Total
(Months) (Once) Fee (Once) Certificate Fund Fee per Course
Fee (Once) month Fee*
1. MS Office & Computer 3 1000 500 350 200 1000 6050
2. E- commerce
Development ( 3 1000 500 350 200 2000 9050
MVC, C#)
3. Database Development
& Administration using 3 1000 500 350 200 2000 9050
Oracle 11g
4. JAVA 3 1000 500 350 200 2000 9050
5. Web Development
Using PHP (Word Press 3 1000 500 350 200 2000 9050
/ Joomla)
6. Auto CAD 2D&3D 3 1000 500 350 200 2000 9050
7. Network Administration 3 1000 500 350 200 2000 9050
using CCNA
8 Mobile Application 3 1000 500 350 200 2000 9050
Development (Android)
What are the different Undergraduate Programmes2019-11-27T12:11:09+00:00

See the Academic page of official website of CTTI

What kind of jobs can students get once completing this course?2019-11-27T12:11:55+00:00

Employment of Students in National/Multinational Companies

On completion of education majority of students of CTTI join various reputed National / Multinational Companies. Data of such employment of all passed out students is not available, however data of some of the students is as under:-

Ser Name of Company Total Ser Name of Company Total
1 DESCON 334 15 Bahria Town 10
2 Schlumberger 299 16 Halliburton 5
3 Atlas Honda 187 17 POF Wah Cantt 5
4 Al-Wasit (UAE) 62 18 Abu Dhabi Private work 4
5 Toyota Japan 61 19 Saudi Diesel Eqpt KSA 8
6 FWO 56 20 Total Parco Ltd 4
7 Sprint Oil& Gas Svcs 51 21 Heavy Industry Taxila 10
8 Al-Bahar (UAE) 35 22 MAN Turbo Lahore 22
9 NHA Pakistan 30 23 Overseas Employees 30
10 Atomic Energy Commission 20 24 Empact Pakistan 30
11 Private Work in Saudi  Arabia 17 25 School of Mechanical and 10
Manufacturing (NUST)
12 Private Job in Pakistan 17 26 Dedex Etemel Ltc 20
13 MOL Oil Pakistan 16 27 Jaffar Brothers 35
14 Best way Cement 136 21 Misc Firms / Coys 31
Total 1545
Where should I go if I want feedback from lectures about a course?2019-11-27T12:12:29+00:00

The best place for feedback is a lecturer’s office hours. You can find these on the course page. For more info contact us on

I need a transcript of my exam results. what do I do?2019-11-27T12:13:21+00:00

These are available from the Student Records Office in Registry.  You can either visit the . please note you can no longer request transcripts by emailing Records directly.  Further information contact us on

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